Welcome onboard! 👋

If you want to learn and advance your Flutter skills, one of the best things you can do is to build your own apps.

However, doing this entirely on your own can be tough:

  • Where do you get ideas from?
  • How to find projects that are most appropriate for your skill level?
  • Once a project is “done”, can you improve your code and make it better?

To help you with all of this, I’m creating a growing collection of Flutter UI challenges.

What’s Inside Each Challenge?

Each challenge comes with the following:

  • Flutter web demo: showing what the completed UI looks like
  • Starter project: all the initial assets and code you need to hit the ground running
  • Primary goals: what you need to do to complete the challenge
  • Stretch goals: take these if you want to go further
  • Useful links and resources: these will help you along the way
  • Completed project: built following best practices - so you can compare your solution with mine


Are all the challenges free?

For now, all the challenges are free so I can get feedback and understand if this format works well.

In the future, I may add more challenges and turn them into a paid product.

When will new challenges be published?

Look for announcements in the #new-flutter-challenges channel on my Discord server.

Do I need to complete the challenges in order?

Not at all. You can pick the challenges you like the most and complete them in any order you want.

Can I publish / submit my challenges somewhere?

Once you’ve completed a challenge, feel free to publish it on your own GitHub profile.

You can also deploy them as Flutter web apps for free by following this guide.

Ready to get started?

Then just hit the “Complete and Continue” button to proceed to the first challenge.

Happy coding!

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