Section Intro

This section includes an overview of the eCommerce app and starter project we’ll use in the rest of the course.

We’ll cover the following:

  • VSCode Shortcuts, Extensions & Settings for Flutter Development
  • Course project on GitHub
  • Starter project & pubspec.yaml file overview
  • eCommerce app overview
  • Project overview: app initialization and routing
  • Project overview: helper classes and widgets
  • Project structure: features and layers
  • Unidirectional data flow from the data layer to the presentation layer
  • How to add Firebase repositories to the data layer
  • Updated starter project



For a complete list of resources that are related to the course material, see this page:

Completed Project: Preview

Here’s a Flutter web demo showing the completed project that we’ll build by the end of the course:

Open preview in a separate page

If Stripe checkout feature doesn’t work here, try opening the demo in a new page.

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