Section Intro

This section is organized in two parts.

Part 1: Firebase Local Emulator

  • Using the firebase CLI tool to configure a local Firebase project and the Firebase Local Emulator
  • How to use the Firebase Local Emulator UI
  • How to connect our Flutter app to the local emulator
  • Exporting and importing data with the local emulator

Part 2: Firebase Cloud Functions

  • Getting started with Cloud Functions using TypeScript
  • Anatomy of a simple cloud function (hello world)
  • How to run and debug our cloud functions locally using npm
  • Writing a cloud function trigger that is executed when a certain event happens (e.g. a Firestore document is written)
  • Writing defensive code and avoiding infinite loops that happen when a cloud function is called recursively
  • How to create HTTP callable functions that can be called directly from our Flutter app
  • How to deploy cloud functions with the firebase CLI
  • Using the logs explorer inside Google Cloud
  • How to setup project budgets as a safety net for Firebase projects using the Blaze plan


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