What you will learn in this course

I created this course because I feel there is a big knowledge gap between knowing how to build UIs in Flutter, and how to build complete applications that solve real problems.

Let’s face it - application development is a complex topic and building UIs with Flutter is only a small part of the equation:

Application development pyramid

App developent includes things like state management, app architecture, navigation and routing, testing, error handling, networking and so on.

Additionally, real apps often need additional capabilities such as authentication, remote database, cloud functions, 3rd party integrations, and other concerns that belong to the area of backend development.

Course Goals

App development is hard, and because different apps have different requirements, it takes a lot of practice and experience to master this complex topic.

The goal of this course is to prepare you for real-world app development so you can learn how to build complex apps with confidence.

Some of the sections on this course will be very extensive.

In particular, we’ll spend a lot of time on the following topics:

  • app architecture
  • state mangement with Riverpod
  • automated testing

Since building real apps is one of the best ways to learn, another goal for this course is to build the frontend for this eCommerce application:

Home page for the eCommerce app

This app includes many interesting features such as product listings, product details, shopping cart, sign in flows and many more.

I will guide you through my decision-making process so you can also become an effective problem solver that is well equipped with the knowledge you need to build any kind of app in Flutter.

Let’s get started! 🚀

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