Section intro

In this section we will cover widget tests, integration tests, and golden image tests.

Here’s what’s included:

Widget tests

  • Finding widgets using common finders (byKey, byType, text)
  • Use WidgetTester to programmatically interact with widgets (tap on buttons, enter text on text fields etc.)
  • How and when to use pumpWidget(), pump(), pumpAndSettle()
  • Robot testing
  • How to use mocks and override providers inside a widget test
  • When to use runAsync()
  • Dealing with RenderFlex overflow errors

Integration tests

  • Difference compared to widget tests
  • How to test the entire app using fake repositories

Golden Image Tests

  • How to create a golden image test using matchesGoldenFile
  • How to pre-load fonts, icons, and image assets
  • How to use size variants to test a responsive app
  • How to use test tags to more easily target golden image tests from the command line
  • Additional resources


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